Beginning therapy can be both empowering and daunting. We are aware of these feelings and aim to help create a space where you feel safe and comfortable. Psychotherapy helps facilitate insight and clarity, create new priorities and patterns, and helps you foster the courage to change. Therapy will allow you to gain self-awareness, better communication and conflict resolution skills, improved self-worth and self-esteem, and more enriching interpersonal relationships.

Is individual therapy right for you?

  • Do you feel sad or depressed most of the time?
  • Do you have trouble feeling good about yourself?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety or anxiety disorders (stress, fears, trauma, and obsessions)?
  • Are you suffering from symptoms related to trauma?Are you having problems with drug or alcohol addictions, or eating disorders?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining a satisfactory relationship?
  • Are you having issues with sexuality, gender, or sex?
  • Do you need help resolving specific issues or conflicts?