When you think about family therapy you might picture a tense family gathered on couches in a stuffy office, clutching couch cushions and filled with resentment. Families in New York City have their share of tensions and resentments and bring those with them to family counseling. However, choosing to start family therapy is actually the beginning of the end of those resentments.

Families can be terrible at listening to one another, and the rifts can last for years. In family therapy we can help shifts the focus from blaming individual family members to feeling connected as a family unit. We can help each family member see the others as they are, rather than as that family member wishes they were. Once family members begin to relate to each other that way, conflicts can start to heal.

Families function as a system. When one family member is struggling, everyone is. But the reverse is also true. If part of the system grows, everyone grows.