i love my lgbt body transgender female


"When I first came out, I was about ready to just end it all. Constant depression. Worrying about going outside. Especially when you live in a town of nothing but religious zealots, whom your grandparents belong to. And the fact that I couldn’t even find work down there. As a matter of fact, I was fired from my last job down there because I came out as a trans woman. 

[What has helped is] finding a community that accepts me for me. Basically, being with more people like me. Because back at home, I could count on one hand how many people in the LGBT community I knew. Five, including myself. Up here, there’s far more, especially for a TGNC like me. It’s just a lot better that way. 

I could stand to lose a few pounds, but no, usually I just keep it like this. I feel good. I feel good about my body. My favorite part [of my body] I’d say it’s my face because despite being born masculine, I do feel more feminine especially in the face."

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Lily Li