i love my lgbt body bear body size

"People categorize me as a bear and say I’m a big guy. I don’t see myself as a big guy, like when I look down, I see myself as a normal person. People think I’m a big bad*ss and assume I’m a bouncer or security person. I’m a normal, gentle, super-emotional person and I’m very loving, very caring. You know, it’s not about the exterior, it’s so much more about who I am and what I do.

They’re categorizing me and throughout your whole life you’re being put into a certain mold. Growing up you are reminded of the fact that you’re unhealthy, that you’re fat, but you can’t help it sometimes, it’s in your DNA. I come from a family that are body builders and obese. And I’m in the middle. People ask me all the time, “you are a body builder?” Honey, the only thing I lift is a fork and a knife! 

I’m not consistent with the way that I eat. I don’t overeat, but my metabolism is not the same. I’m not built the same that you are. I’m not you and you’re not me. And I can’t say that I exercise regularly, I can’t say that I eat at a certain time. I’m not perfect. And nobody is. And my body is what it is."

Lily Li