i love my lgbt body transgender male

"I've struggled with body issues a lot. I’m trans, so I struggled with dysphoria a ton. I used to really, really hate myself and it took a lot of time and patience, and surgery, hormones, and things like that to come to terms and like myself.

Even in the trans community specifically, there’s a problem, where when I was first coming out as trans, I felt like I wasn’t trans enough because I wasn’t wanting to be as masculine as some other guys. There’s a definition of what you have to be to be trans, a man, and I was just kind of like, myself.

I have a really supportive family and I’m really lucky about that, but my hardest issues were definitely with myself and accepting myself. There was a lot of time where I was really suicidal and depressed and eventually I kind of got out of that by surrounding myself with other people in the trans community, in the gay community, the LGBT community in general. That really helped me feel like there were more people like me, I guess. That I wasn’t the only one. 

My favorite part of my body is maybe my stomach! Just because I think it’s cute and chubby and fluffy and comfortable!"

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Lily Li