i love my lgbt body plus size dating

"I’ve actually never been with anybody. I feel like being big, most people won’t want me. And I’m not good with talking to other people. I instantly feel like these people aren’t going to like me because I’m fat and so I just don’t try a lot of the time.

I guess it’s just how society kind of made it seem and having people telling me, “you’re fat, so you’re not pretty,” and having people talk to you and you tell them that you don’t want to have sex with them, and all of a sudden they’re like “Oh, well, I wasn’t interested in to you anyway because you’re fat.” And then you get all the mean things that follow. So, I guess that’s what’s definitely made me more closed to putting myself out there to other people. 

I’m definitely not the most confident about being bigger but I’m learning to be more comfortable. I’ve been wearing a lot more stuff recently that makes me feel good because I used to be somebody who would wear just T-shirts and jeans and that was it. I just felt dumpy all the time, so wearing dresses and stuff, and getting out of my comfort zone, I’m enjoying wearing what I’m wearing. I feel better."

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Lily Li