i love my lgbt body burn survivor

"I’m a burn survivor. I’ve struggled with body issues just being a burn survivor and actually, I used to be overweight as well. I used to eat to fill the void inside of me that was the loss of my skin, the loss of myself. I feel like a survivor, I feel good. I feel good for the first time in years. 

I used to cover myself up all the time and just felt like no one in the world could see me like that. I went to a camp for burn survivors, like myself, and I said, “I’m a victim.” And they stopped me and said, “No, no, no. Stop right there. You’re living in a victim’s mentality. You are a survivor.” And, when I got that into my head, the wheels started turning and I started to feel a little better about myself. I started to feel comfortable, so I started to show my skin and then just as life went on, people started to care less because it was just all in my head really. And then I thought one day, ‘You know, what if I just went out in this tank top? What if I just showed it all?’ So I did, and I said, ‘You know what, I’m not going to be uncomfortable for anyone else in my life ever again.’ I’m gonna be me for me, cause I don’t have to be uncomfortable. I just started to say, what would make me happy? Not everybody else. What makes me happy - and that was, you know, finding who I was and I found who I was."

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Lily Li