i love my lgbt body food self love


"I love my body. I love the person that I am. I’m usually always happier naked cause I love my body so much! I really don’t care if you accept it or not. It’s mine, so, I’m very proud.

When I was younger, I wasn’t really too sure about my body image or how I looked towards people. But then after a while, it’s like, I’m gonna do whatever I want. Like, it’s my body, I don’t care what you say. All that matters is what I think. You don’t have to wear it! 

I love food! I’m trying to go find food now! Um, food has been like my best friend all my life. Just, if there’s food involved, you can guarantee that I’m gonna be there. That’s the first question I ask - are you gonna have food? Yeah? OK I’m coming then. You know, that’s about it, like food is life."

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Lily Li