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"I feel like I have been discriminated against by the white gay community. And I think that has been mostly in terms of, you know, the level of interaction that they have with you. They definitely have a propensity towards keeping to themselves, and not trying to interact with people of color. You know, it's a little bit frustrating because you see this in your peers and people you just want to interact with in general, right, but they kind of keep to themselves a lot.

Overall, I think in this country there's a lot of racism that exists and that, you know, kind of carries itself regardless of minority groups. So, overall, I think as LGBT, we are a minority group, but I think the fact that our community is made up of so many different backgrounds and cultures, like we come from so many different places and I think it's really hard to let go of your upbringings and your beliefs and what you've been taught your whole life. I think a lot of them make an extra effort to try to let go of those biases and maybe those beliefs they were brought up with, but it's kind of hard, you know, to just completely let go of those. So, I think that sometimes, it's a little bit, like, subconscious, like I don't think they're consciously trying to discriminate, but it's kind of like what they know and how they know how to act.

I especially like to think about talking to the younger members of the LGBT community and talking to them about body issues, because I think that, you know, I think that if you can influence them at a younger age, they don't grow up to maybe have so many body issues. Unfortunately, for me, like I wasn't really out, I came out probably like a year ago, so it's like, you know, dealing with these issues and not really having anybody to talk to is really hard. So, I think if we could talk to the younger members who identify about these issues, and teach how to love their bodies, and accept their bodies, like you guys are doing, then I think that would have, like, amazing effects moving forward. I think having body issues definitely affects your confidence, your mental health, your every day functioning. So, I think it's a good idea to get to them at a younger age, that way, we can get rid of those body issues, right? We can have people who are accepting and loving of themselves."

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