i love my lgbt body gay weight


"I am probably at the highest weight I’ve ever been at, but I refuse to be ashamed of my body or to feel bad about it. I can change my body but I’m gonna love who I am. 

My weight has gone up and down over the years. But one thing that I’ve tried to maintain is staying positive about it. I stay positive, I stay focused on not allowing other people’s perception of me to impact how I feel about myself. I try not to pay attention to what people say, most of the time. I’m more concerned with myself than worrying about other people’s thoughts. 

I think for me, part of it is just going back to my own coming out as being gay. I grew up in an area where it was not okay and went through a lot of gay bashing and so I became stronger in that journey of my life. I just apply the same idea of taking care of myself. 

I do want to lose weight and I will for my health, but not really because I feel depressed about it. You know, I want to be able to walk through the city and not get winded and worn out. I’d say I want to lose weight but other than that, I’m not worried about changing my body because whatever size it is, I’m gonna love it."

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Lily Li