i love my lgbt body lesbian

I always compare my adult self to a younger adolescent self thats not really something that is possible or achievable. Nobody is going to have their 18 year old body again. So for me my body image issues come not so much comparing myself to the media but comparing myself to my former self. Somedays I feel better about [my body] than others. I try to feel good about it and some days its not possible. But other days I feel like the sexiest bitch on the planet. And other days I feel like the most disgusting person that anyone can ever see. 

I think that as a lesbian I have learned that women have different body types and that when you’re with another woman they’re going to have faced the same issues that you have or similar issues and you can have even have conversations about your insecurities that I think if I was dating a man you couldn’t have those same kinds of conversations- about body image issues, like feeling fat or bloated or did you have an eating disorder when you were younger. And its not to say that men don’t, but its more common for women to have had some sort of body image issue. So I think by being a lesbian its easier to talk about those things with a partner. 

I have overcome some of my body image issues by liking myself for who I am rather than just thinking about physical features. By having open an honest conversations with people I love and care about. A lot of my friends have helped me to see things about myself that I wouldn’t have seen without them. 
My body image issues empower me.

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