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"How I personally feel about my body- I have days that Im ok with what I see. Then I have days that I don’t feel so great with the way that I look. And I feel that in our community, LGBT specific, we have such a high standard for the illusion of perfection. I do get caught up in the illusion of perfection. The body dysmorphia conversation has consistently been a part of the storyline- through success, through contracts, through fashion weeks and red carpets. 

What i work on is letting the world see the authentic self even when its not perfect. And that is the perfection in it. Being free. Being free of fear, being free of the insecurity. In a way, I think thats what makes somebody even more beautiful, is admitting and owing and putting in the forefront the issues that we all seem to have. 

The idea of weight, concerning that i have to look a certain leanness or a certain way because i didn’t have the muscle tone and I thought I couldnt build up to that it takes such commitment. What its does take in order to overcome that, its an internal conversation, its a verbal conversation with people you trust, with work on self, you can find a self love and acceptance that kind of bypasses that voice."

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