i love my lgbt body queer woman body image

"I was in an environment before where my family was telling me the way that I looked wasn’t okay. People at school were telling me the way that I looked wasn’t okay. I really just hid a lot. I’d wear long T-shirts, hoodies, boots. It wasn’t until I got to college that I met more people like me that kinda shifted my focus a little bit. My mom still makes comments sometimes that I eat too much, or how am I gonna find someone to marry me if I look the way I do, I need to get in shape. They’re kind of backing off because I have a voice and I’m saying something now.

It’s been scary [being a queer woman]. I’m actually more recently telling people, so that’s been an experience, I’m kind of still in the middle of it. I just went to pride for the first time and wore a bikini, which is something I never do even if I’m going to the beach. On my way there, on the trains, I was being stared at and people made little comments, pointing, laughing, snickering. And when I got there, everyone’s telling me I look great, and just meeting so many great people, I felt welcomed, I felt at home."

Leon Silvers