i love my lgbt body queer rainbow

"I think the more I come to terms with my sexuality, the easier it is to accept my body. Maybe it’s because being in some kind of denial just makes you uncomfortable with everything. Just coming to terms with who you are and being more comfortable with who you are makes everything else easier. 

I was not comfortable with my shape. I don’t have that ideal shape. I don’t have breasts and a waistand hips. I was very different than what I was told I was supposed to be. My mother was not a help. She was very petite and thin and always very perfect and pretty. I don’t think she ever meant them to be digs, but they were digs. If a boy liked me and I didn’t like a boy, then that would come out. Whether I was too skinny or too fat or too flat chested or whatever. When I’m really depressed or angsty, I stop eating. I don’t eat. I think it’s kind of like a punishment. Like I don’t deserve it. 

I have pain every day. All day, all the time. My first fibromyalgia flare up was when I was twenty eight. Then, when I was thirty seven, I had the car accident and I shattered a kneecap and I broke my back, but they didn’t believe me that something was wrong with my back. So for a year and a half, I just suffered and suffered until they finally figured out what was wrong. If I could change anything, it would be the pain. To stop the pain. Five years ago, I couldn’t have been walking around. But this [gay pride] was something I wasn’t gonna miss, so I rested up for a week and I will be in bed for a week. But it’s totally worth it."

Leon Silvers