i love my lgbt body gender non-conforming

"When I came out, and realized what it even meant to be bisexual and gender non-conforming, I became so much more comfortable with my body. I think certainly the LGBT community has its own issues with body image, but I think it’s far more accepting than mainstream and I think I’ve really found a home in it too. I think especially within the lesbian and bisexual community, there’s just an acceptance and embracing of different body types that I’ve found to be very calming and soothing and wonderful. 

I am exploring what it means to be gender nonconforming or nonbinary, so that’s sort of a process that I'm in the middle of. On good days, on days where I’m really comfortable with how I’m presenting or if I feel powerful in some way, I feel great about my body. And on days when I’m not sure if I’m able to portray what I want, I feel like I am letting my body down. It sort of changes with the days as I navigate my identity. 

Becoming more comfortable with my body also in terms of shaving my head and getting tattoos and piercings have helped me embrace the parts of my body that I didn’t like. For a long time, I really hated my thighs and I tattooed something on my right thigh and immediately loved it. It felt like a piece of art, so like finding ways like that also to celebrate."

Leon Silvers