i love my lgbt body parrot

"The gay community, when I was younger, was very much about being muscle-y, thin, thin waist, that type of thing. You just kind of get snubbed. You get that Chelsea hello that people will give you cause you’re not what they’re looking for. But you have to realize that just because that’s not what they’re looking for doesn’t mean anything specifically for you. I’ve gone to the gym, I’ve done diets, I’ve done things to try to ‘comply.’ And it just never worked for me. It was never me. So eventually, I learned that’s just who I am. And once you settle in with accepting who you are, other people are much more accepting as well. People can tell if you’re struggling. If you can’t be happy with yourself, other people aren’t going to be happy with you.

Gracie is seventeen years old. She’ll live to be fifty or sixty. I’ve had her since she was a baby. And we just have a very strong trust relationship. I can put my fingers right in her jaws and she won’t hurt me. And I know that. And she knows if I hold her tight like this, I’m not going to hurt her. It’s a mutual trust. Regardless of what kind of day you’ve had, that’s not their issue. Their issue is about seeing you, which is really important and people need to learn how to do that too. It’s not about what happened during the day, it’s what’s happening right now and who you’re with. People, pets, whatever."

Leon Silvers