i love my lgbt body gay male self love

"I lost a lot of weight my sophomore year of college and very unhealthily. I wasn’t eating much, I was dancing around six to twelve hours a day, six days a week and I was barely eating two meals a day. I looked like a head on a stick. I wasn’t happy. I actually still thought I was large and I still thought I was fat. I had this image of myself that was not thin. And over the years, when I moved to New York, I started eating more healthily, eating on the regular, and enjoying the stuff that I love, like ice cream and donuts and booze, and I had a great time in my mid-twenties. And then I gained a considerable amount of weight, but I learned my friends, my family love me no matter what shape I am. And it’s funny, as an actor, I started to book more work bigger because I feel like my body started to match who I was. And it helped me become loving of who I am."

Leon Silvers