i love my lgbt body black gay community

"I’m from Georgia. There was always the gay pride and then there was the black gay pride. That was normal. I can’t say I’ve experienced first hand discrimination from a white or other gay people. I can say looking at it from the outside, seeing it like gays exist or gay whites exist that want to maybe stay amongst themselves, and I see that black people feel that the gay community as a whole may not fully represent all of their interests or ideals or point of views, so they feel that they need to form their own section so they could exhibit whatever they want to portray. 

But a lot of blacks may not want to be out. Because in the white gay community, I’ve noticed that a lot of gays are more comfortable being out and if someone comes up to take a picture for a magazine or a publication that’s gay, then they can take it. And what I’ve noticed is that when it comes to black gays, when picture time comes, they’re running and ducking. I am black and gay, so it’s like I have to constantly live two dual existences. I see discrimination from other’s point of view, on both accords- on my black level and my gay level. But, when it comes to the gay community, I’ve always felt included because I felt that discrimination wouldn’t take place because everybody who is gay can experience it. So I felt that they wouldn’t bring racial discrimination into the equation when the world still sees us as less than. I know it exists, but since maybe I don’t view it that way or I have a different perception, I don’t let it affect my viewpoints on that level."

Leon Silvers