i love my lgbt body size variation gay

"I haven’t felt comfortable in my body because I’ve been big my whole life. I used to overeat. When I was happy, when I was sad. My mood basically controlled my eating. I’d been able to lose weight before, I’d been able to control my eating, but the more I lost the weight, the more extreme it all turned. I ended up starving myself. Cutting down on everything - food, water, everything, basically. And I sort of developed an eating disorder. And in the end, it was really unbearable and I ended up gaining everything I’ve lost and more. 

I don’t feel represented within the community. You can see a lot of photos of people within the community, but you hardly see any big people, overweight people, in the community, in media. We’re a big portion of the community. There are a lot of different sizes, different races. We’re all a part of one community, so if one doesn’t feel represented in the community, you feel like you’re not normal. What you see in media is often beautiful, skinny human beings. And I can’t see myself, and I believe that’s a problem."

Leon Silvers