i love my lgbt body gay male eating disorder

"In my 20s I was anorexic. Growing up as a chubby child put me in the space of being aware of how I looked. So I was trying to be the opposite. I was measuring everything I was eating. And they had to be the right portions. I was obsessed with what I was eating. I couldn’t go past a line because I was afraid I was going to get fat again.

In my 30s, I moved here from Venezuela and everything changed. I started going to the gym. I was a slave to what I was eating, working out 7 days a week. The gay culture is about appearances. If you don’t look good, you disappear or don’t belong in the crowd. That’s why I was always so worried about my appearance or the way that I look.

Today, I eat a lot! My friends say, you are constantly eating. Because now I enjoy food! Food and a good meal is a good thing. I was trying make people happy. But I wasn’t happy, What I realized is that you will never make everyone happy. I realized, I need to make myself happy."

Leon Silvers