i love my lgbt body gay male senior

"I go to a bar and I’m sitting there and I see someone I really like a lot and suddenly this guy will come over and say, ugh she’s an old queen. What are you doing here? He’s trying to be something he’s not. It’s very very prejudiced. It’s horrible. Like we don’t even exist anymore. Just an old piece of trash. It’s horrible.

The day they invaded Stonewall, I was there the night that it happened. I just saw people getting beat up and a lot of people got hurt, a lot of people got beat up. We were very scared, we didn’t realize we weren’t gonna be killed. We thought they were going to be really violent. I went there quite a lot. Stonewall to me was home. This is my home now (the LGBT center). We didn’t have this. It was different. There was no hero in my life. My only hero in 1969 is Judy Garland, who died, and the man who got us to the moon. That was our hero. And when the man went to the moon, I said, “Maybe I should go up to the moon. There’s nobody up there who will be prejudiced against me.”

Leon Silvers