i love my lgbt body biracial family

I think as a biracial person you don’t really fit into either category in terms of racial identity. And that affects body image. I was born in a family in the late sixties, which wasn’t exactly an ideal time for interracial couples to be together. So depending on which family you’re with, they have different expectations around body structure. On my African American side, my family was very accepting. Everybody was from big to small and they didn’t really care. On my Caucasian, French Canadian side, body image was more of an issue. Very thin family, small frame. I was much bustier than the rest of the family, so it definitely had an impact because I didn't feel as confident, I compared myself to all the people around me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’m more confident. You know, you go up, you go down, things don’t come off as quickly as you’d, but I feel good about myself. I feel comfortable in all of my identities.

Leon Silvers