i love my lgbt body stonewall pride body image

I grew up being the chubby kid all my life. As I was growing up, I really spent a lot of time in the shadow of a very sports-oriented community. And I did not fit into that community. I’m one of thirteen cousins, and there’s a lot of the thinner side in my family, and then there’s me. I never felt like I fit in and it really took a lot of soul searching to come to the conclusion that this is who I am and it’s fine. I know that there are people in the world that would be ecstatic to be standing next to me and there’s people in the world who would not be ecstatic, and that’s okay. It’s not about making other people happy, it’s about making myself happy.

Being in the gay community, you always see on TV, the movies, everywhere, that it’s the chiseled body, and that’s the best. But it’s really not. It took me until recently to realize that it’s not the model that you pursue. It’s the reality you pursue. And being a real person is much more important than being a 'perfect' person. And just accepting yourself and moving through life confident and comfortable in who you are, as opposed to being or trying to emulate or be someone else. I finally realized that it’s not really about what other people’s perceptions are, it’s what I think about myself.

Leon Silvers