i love my lgbt body twelve step buddhism

I’ve never felt good about my body, so that’s my new thing. When I was a kid, I was real skinny and we would go to the pool and my sister used to say, “Ew! You’re so skinny!” So I’ve always had body image issues. It’s all that leftover childhood crap. Dysfunctional family stuff. I was never told by my family, “You’re good-looking.” So, it’s all that kind of crap.

When I was forty, I started going to Twelve Step programs and I’ve done that now for twenty six years. I haven’t drank or drugged, so that’s helped tremendously with all that dysfunction. Twelve Step helps you get honest about yourself. It helps you separate your emotional luggage from other people. It secures boundaries between people. The Twelve Steps are a lot like Buddhism. Because you go through this personal transformation that addresses your problems and you find peace. The illness is self-centered fear. So you go through this process of the twelve steps and address all the self-centered fear. The last step is helping other suffering addicts. That’s what Buddhism is. The process of Buddhism is addressing all of your problems so you can be of service to other people.

Leon Silvers