i love my lgbt body gay latino discrimination

I love my body. All my rolls and everything. I’ve always loved it. I’ve never been a person to know skinny. I was a kid in high school who used to weigh 320 pounds. And being a gay kid in high school was never easy either. I grew up in New York City, right in Chelsea, but it was still that whole feeling like something didn’t fit right. But, I grew to love and accept who I was because of my family.

Ive seen a lot of discrimination. I’ve been called a spi*k. I got told to go back to a country that I’ve never even visited. And it hurts, because if this is happening to me, as a normal American who just happens to be Hispanic, it’s scary what it must be like to be in the immigrant community. People I work with and see in their face that it’s hard for them to walk down the street and worry if someone’s gonna say go back to your country. 

I’m upset, I'm hurt. I don’t like this. I don’t like the fact that we’re living in a world right now where people fear being attacked for being a different person- gay, straight, colored, minority, Spanish, black, white, whatever. We’re being attacked from all ends. And it’s very, very scary. It’s a lot. But we prevail. We grow stronger from it. And we don’t let nobody stop us from that.

Leon Silvers