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I’ve had AIDS for 34 years, which has been a bloody long time to be HIV positive and still alive. I’m not complaining, but a lot of symptoms have taken their toll over the years. From 1983 to 2006, it was really pretty easy. I took the pills and lived a pretty normal life. In 2006, I got Hepatitis C and had to take a very invasive treatment for that and have been on disability since.

I was married to a wonderful man for 20 years and he died two and a half years ago and it’s been really tough. I was 12 years clean and sober, but when my husband died, I started drinking and that ended up with ten hospitalizations in two years, for drinking. So now, I finally have 81 days, so almost that magic ninety day mark, so I’m hopefully there.

At one time, I weighed 292 pounds and being fat is one of the grave sins in the gay community. Usually if you don’t have a great body, nobody wants to know you. And then I started working with a trainer three days a week and by the end of it, I had this great muscled body and all of a sudden, I was very popular on all the hookup apps and it was so weird to have gone from a sort of fat pariah to a hot daddy. And now, I’m somewhere in the middle. Drinking a gallon of vodka every day is not good for the health. If you do it for many days in a row, you too will go by ambulance to the nearest ER.

Leon Silvers